About Me

Hi, this is Jewel Farazi. Since 2009 I have been learning and developing web and mobile apps. As a Full Stack Software Developer, I can handle almost every aspect of a website or web application development required. I have a passion for creating and discovering new ways to do what I already do.

I have a wide range of skills that includes front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, ReactJS, React-Native, Vue.js, ElectronJS, Bootstrap, SASS, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt), back-end development using open source technologies (PHP, Laravel, WordPress), web hosting management( AWS, cPanel, WHM, etc.), Linux server system administration(Ubuntu, CentOS etc.), deployment and performance tuning (Apache, MySQL, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB etc.) and version controlling with GIT.

I am self-taught, but I love working with people who know and can teach me. I think my two best qualities are that I like to teach what I know and I still have a lot to learn. 🙂